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Alloy Steels, Tool Steels & Engineering Steels

AamorInox offers a wide range of high quality Heat Treated Alloy & Engineerd steel bars for Auto, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Cement, Chemical etc.

Our special Heat Treated (Quenched & Tempered) Alloy Steel Bars are a perfect solution for Pump Shafts, Machined Components, Valves, Dairy Equipments, Fasteners, Machine Tools, Pins, Hinges, Surgical and Medical Parts & Threaded Bars in following grades –

Alloy Steels: EN-19, 4130, 4140, 4140H, , 4145, 4340, 4340H, 42CrMo4, 42CrMoS4, 8620, 52100, L7, B7, 1.7225, 1.7227, CK-45 QT etc

Tool Steels: H11, H13, L6, A2, DB6, P20, EN-36C, EN-39B, EN-41B, 1.2343, 1.2344, 1.2714, 1.2363 etc


Size range

10 mm – 150 mm (3/16” – 6 inch) **

Size Tolerances

h9, h10, h11, k12, k13, A-484, EN-10060, DIN-1013 & many more

Surface Condition

Hot Rolled Black, Bright Polished & Centerless Ground, Rough Turned


1.0 – 9.0 meters (3.0’ to 30’ feet) Heat treated bars are available upto 8.0 meter max (26 foot)


Available in 30, 45 & 60 degree thru fully automatic both-end chamfering machine

Crack Test

Eddy Current Testing thru Circograph (from Dr. Foerster, Germany) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Ultrasonic Test

100% tested thru Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, as per ASTM A-388, EN 10308 (class 1 to 4), API 6A/ISO 10423:2003-PSL 3, SEP 1920:1984 (class A, B, C), MIL STD 2154

Length Tolerance

Available in special cut to length bars in tolerance – 0/+2mm (-0 +0.25 inch)


Upto 0.25 mm / meter TIR (0.0015 inch / feet)

Surface Finish

Ra value 0.2 um (12 RMS) and 240 & 320 Grit Polished

Heat Treatment

Annealed, Spherodised Annealed, Quenched & Tempered (QT), Hardened & Tempered (HT) etc

** the size range varies grade-wise. Please check with the mill for actual size available in your steel grades.

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