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Stainless Steel Hot Rolling Mill

Depending on your industry, we have the right solution for you. It can be anything from Round bars upto Hexagons/Squares or even Angles/Flats in a very elaborative size range; we are your one-stop shop.

Our hot-rolling mills are flexible and offers customised solutions supported by an in-depth knowledge of technological process, high-performance control systems, reliable drive systems and a comprehensive understanding of hot rolling technology. Powerful drives and reliable automation systems, in combination with precise and flexible process models, optimize the rolling process from the reheating furnace to the downstream area.

Our Hot Rolling Mills offers optimum throughput and availability combined with geometrical precision and optimum material properties.

Rounds, Sections & Profile Hot Rolling Mill

  • 360mm 3-High Intermediate mills
  • 360mm 2-High Finishing mill
  • Mill equipped with semi-automatic Tilters & Manipulator
  • Gas fired heating practice for blooms (generates lesser scaling and provides better Decarb Control with Good Surface ).
  • Slow Cooling Pits for special grade bars
  • Hot Circular Saw
  • Capable to roll profiles like Squares, Hexagons, Angles & Flat Bars in Engineering steels, Alloy, Carbon, Spring, Free-cutting and Stainless steel grades, in very close dimensional tolerances & flexible rolling sizes
  • Stainless Steel Hot Rolling Mill

    Hot Rolling Mill-1

  • Steel Hot Rolling Mill

    Hot Rolling Mill-2

  • Hot rolled bars

    Hot Rolled Bars

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